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About Medixcell Laboratory
(Formerly known as HITV Lab)

Medixcell Laboratory (Formerly known as HITV Lab) a highly sophisticated scientific laboratory that has set the benchmark in research & development when it comes to cellular & regenerative medicine, not only in Malaysia, but around the world. Our team of scientists & researchers are constantly striving to deliver the best quality of human-grade cells for research & clinical research.

Our fields of research & development include mainly stem cells & immune cells. Using cutting-edge laboratory equipment, our facility and scientific team are pioneers in setting proper manufacturing & cell treatment guidelines as well as protocols to ensure optimal quality & efficacy.

We are also in collaboration with many other scientific associations as well as R&D institutions, both locally & internationally – Japan, India, South Korea, China, Australia etc. Our progress in cellular & regenerative medicine R&D is continuous and always improving. It is with this that we are confident to call ourselves the leaders in the market when it comes to this advanced & modern field of science and medicine.

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Medixcell Laboratory (Formerly known as HITV Lab) has a GMP facility in Sungai Long, Malayisa, that has Manufacturing Licence for Research and clinical Trial issued by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), Ministry of Health Malaysia.

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Three sophisticated clean rooms specifically designed for ex-vivo cellular product development and GMP manufacturing, NPRA Licence to Manufacture Therapeutic Goods for Clinical Trials

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Adult Stem Cells are now highly promising resources in the field of modern regenerative medicine, drug discovery, toxicology and developmental biology. Among those, mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) has emerged as an alternative approach in various pathologic conditions.

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Anti aging & stem cells

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As important as stem cells are, the quantity and quality of stem cells in our body deteriorate as we age. This makes us more vulnerable to illnesses and disease as our body loses its ability to repair and regenerate. It is therefore very important to ensure that our stem cells are properly replenished and taken care of to prevent problems and overcome aging as a whole.

Physiological aging is an evolutionary conserved process that impaired balance of degeneration and regeneration of cells in most of the organs in the organism and result in impaired tissue homeostasis, which reflect to mal-absorption, poor genetic, metabolic and functional activities.